Chronopolis @ Villette Numérique 26-29Sep'02  ||  Erik Adigard + Chris Salter ||  Parc de La Villette, Paris  ||  Curator:  Frédéric Mazelli  ||  "Villette Numerique" was the first biennial festival devoted to digital creation. Chronopolis was one of the three largest installations and it had thousands of visitors over the course of five days.  Chronopolis was set on the atrium floor which fits the 100 sq. feet of the projection. Since the atrium stands in an open space between two floors, the piece looked like a giant screen that was floating in the air. The keyword for this first installment was "suspension." Each day, the event started with a countdown and it ended with the Chronopolis space being used as one of the many Villette Numérique dance floors.